Vimeo Url: Jamie Robertson Cinematographer Reel

Title: Jamie Robertson Cinematographer Reel 2016

Job Title/Role: Cinematographer & Director

Location: Orlando, Florida & Southington, CT


All shots were taken using a FS700 Sony camera and a Canon T5. The footage was taken from multiple school and independent projects including short films, documentaries and music videos. I love using natural lighting so a lot of my projects were done outside which gives this reel a very nature based theme. In the future I would definitely want to expand the theme to show off some other skills and techniques. I also shot the majority of the footage by hand and some by tripod but I think incorporating more pans, dolly shots and other movements would make the reel more eye-catching.

The main actors in this reel are Brittany Mann who sang a cover of See You Again by Charlie Puth, and Jacob Cooper who acted in a short film titled Wishes. Hopefully in the future I can branch out and find other actors to contribute to my projects so that my footage is more actor based as opposed to nature and wildlife.