I have worked with Jamie Robertson on numerous occasions. Each time the experience has been fantastic and each project just exceeded the previous one(s). From being head of sound on a short film project to directing and collaborating on multiple YouTube videos and covers with me, Jamie is a professional and very gifted.But,even with the professionalism she brings to a project, she also brings a ton of laughter and goofiness. Things get done…but the experience is also always loads of fun. When a problem occurs, she immediately starts thinking of ways to rearrange planning or come up with a solution. Jamie follows through on her projects and takes the time to make them the best they can be. There is no question that I would work with Jamie again in a heartbeat. She would be outstanding in any position given to her because she would work incredibly hard and do it with a smile. I can’t wait to work with her again!

-Brittany Mann (Actress/Singer)